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Welcome to Triple T Printing!  We are glad you found us, we can’t wait to get to know you, and for you to get to know us better!  So, here we go…  My name is Corey, and my wife Courtney and I have a crazy, but amazing family.  I work full time for the South Dakota Air National Guard and have been a part of the military for 19 years now!  


Courtney and I got married in 2013 and had 3 little girls in 19 short months.  Courtney owns her own event planning company, Priceless Events, and manages our hectic lifestyle with grace.  Strange to think I have a teenage son (Riley) about to graduate high school and am basically starting over raising the rowdiest bunch of girls ever.  Taia is 3 going on 23, and a princess through and through.  We found out on her first birthday that we were expecting TWINS!  Teagan and Tatum are identical, but couldn’t be more different. They are 2 years old, and already trying to switch places with each other!  


As you can imagine, as much as I love living with all these girls, I enjoy my guy time, riding motorcycles, watching Riley’s sporting activities, and making personalized shirts, koozies and bags for you!  I started making shirts as a way to sneak away from the girly things happening in my house, and found great joy in working with sporting teams, businesses and individuals to create and personalize screen printed designs for their specific needs.

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